11th ESAFORM2008 conference on material forming. Lyon, France.
23, 24 and 25 april 2008



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Forging and rolling - MS06

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128 - "Investigations into roll thermal fatigue in hot rolling" (0.48 Mb) 

Authors : C. Fedorciuc Onisa and D. C. J. Farrugia
Corus RD&T UK

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134 - "Kinematic and sensibility analysis of rotary forging process by means of a simulation model" (0.56 Mb) 

Authors : I. Montoya, M. Santos, I. Perez, B. Gonzalez and J. F. Puigjaner
Labein Tecnalia

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135 - "Multiaxial fatigue criterion accounting for anisotropy in forged components" (1.08 Mb) 

Authors : M. Milesi, Y. Chastel, M. Bernacki, R. E. Loge and P. O. Bouchard
Ecole nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris

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168 - "Recent development in orbital forging technology" (0.45 Mb) 

Authors : J. Nowak, L. Madej, S. Ziolkiewicz, A. Plewinski, F. Grosman and M. Pietrzyk
Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza

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178 - "Production of structure components with selective properties by means of action media based cold forming" (1.28 Mb) 

Authors : B. A. Behrens, T. Hagen, J. Mielke and K. B. Sidhu
Institute of Metal Forming and Metal-Forming Machi

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194 - "Technological problems of closed-die forging of powder metallurgy fe-al preforms" (2.54 Mb) 

Author : S. Szczepanik
AGH University of Science and Technology, 30-059 K

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199 - "A virtual inspection technique for assessing the dimensional accuracy of forged compressor blades using fe modelling and cmm inspection." (0.26 Mb) 

Authors : J. Makem, H. Ou, C. G. Armstrong, A. Rennie and S. Nikov
Queen's University, Belfast.

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214 - "Manifested flatness predictions in thin strip cold rolling" (0.42 Mb) 

Authors : S. Abdelkhalek, P. Montmitonnet, N. Legrand and P. Buessler
Ecole des Mines - PARISTECH, CEMEF, UMR CNRS 7635

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230 - "Production of blanks with thickness transitions in longitudinal and lateral direction through 3d - strip profile rolling" (0.2 Mb) 

Authors : N. Ryabkov, F. Jackel, K. Van Putten and G. Hirt
Institut für Bildsame Formgebung (IBF), RWTH Aache

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238 - "Preliminary examination of the fracture surfaces of a cold working die" (0 Mb) 

Authors : D. Statharas, D. Papageorgiou, I. Sideris and C. Medrea
Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus

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245 - "The effect of the initial rolling temperature on the microstructure evolution during and after hot rolling of aa6082" (0.36 Mb) 

Authors : P. Sherstnev, I. Flitta, C. Sommitsch, M. Hacksteiner and T. Ebner
Christian-Doppler-Laboratory for Materials Modelli

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273 - "Irregularity in friction hills during the cold rolling of materials" (0.12 Mb) 

Authors : H. Abdollahi and K. Dehghani
Amirkabir University of Technology

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275 - "Numerical approach for thick plates manufacturing" (0.62 Mb) 

Authors : R. Spataro, P. Krumpipe, G. Rossi and L. Mathieu

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323 - "Forming residual stresses effects on the electron beam welding distortions of thick components" (0.44 Mb) 

Authors : S. Gallee, C. Bois, P. Vadon and D. Nelias
ESI France

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339 - "A simulation of hollow and solid products in multipass hot radial forging using 3d-fem method" (0.62 Mb) 

Authors : S. Khayatzade, M. Poursina and H. Golestanian
Shahrekord University

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457 - "Quality improvement through numerical simulation in steel industry" (0.2 Mb) 

Authors : J. Demurger, R. Forestier, B. Kieber and G. Mathieu

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485 - "2d asperity deformation of stainless steel strip in cold rolling" (0.35 Mb) 

Authors : A. Belotserkovets, A. Dubois, M. Dubar, L. Dubar, R. Deltombe and H. Vandekinderen

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571 - "Fe modelling of tube piercing and creation of a crack" (0.28 Mb) 

Authors : Y. Chastel, A. Diop, S. Fanini, P. O. Bouchard and K. Mocellin

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