11th ESAFORM2008 conference on material forming. Lyon, France.
23, 24 and 25 april 2008


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Poster session

Session 1
Room Agora
MS01 - 1"Optimal closed die finish forgings for nimonic80-a using fem method"
D. Shahriari, A. Amiri, M. H. Sadeghi and M. Cheraghzadeh
Faculty of Engineering
(Download PDF 375 - 0.2 Mb)
MS02 - 2"The activation energy for plastic flow in spatially extended polycrystalline systems during tension test"
J. D. Munoz - Andrade
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
(Download PDF 220 - 0.19 Mb)
MS02 - 3"Mechanical and structural properties of aisi1015 carbon steel nitrided after warm rolling"
C. Medrea and G. Negrea
Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus
(Download PDF 239 - 0.22 Mb)
MS02 - 3"Evaluation of two mutliscale models for the simulation of cross-die forming of dual phase (dp) steels"
L. Delannay, P. J. Jacques, K. Dejaegher and S. S. Sablin
University of Louvain (UCL)
(Download PDF 605 - 0.36 Mb)
MS02 - 3"The evolution of strain during equal-channel angular pressing"
M. H. Parsa, M. Naderi, M. Nili - Ahmadabadi and H. Asadpour
University of Tehran
(Download PDF 456 - 0.12 Mb)
MS03 - 3"Analytical model for strip-drawing"
R. A. Nazarov, Z. Ayadi, S. A. Nikulin and M. Nivoit
(Download PDF 503 - 0.09 Mb)
MS03 - 4"Finite element analysis of deep drawing and hole flanging processing of an oil filter cover"
T. Elbitar and A. Gemeal
(Download PDF 112 - 0.22 Mb)
MS03 - 5"An experimental study of sheet metal bending by pulsed nd:yag laser with doe method"
M. Hoseinpour Gollo, H. Moslemi Naeini, G. H. Liaghat, M. Torkamany, S. Jelvani and V. Panahizadeh
Faculty of Engineering
(Download PDF 281 - 0.1 Mb)
MS03 - 6"Springback in stretch forming process of aeronautic panel production by finite element simulation"
A. M. Yan and I. Klappka
Open Engineering S.A., SAMTECH Group
(Download PDF 385 - 0.1 Mb)
MS03 - 7"Bending of work hardening sheet metals subjected to tension"
M. H. Parsa and S. Nasher Al Ahkami
University of Tehran
(Download PDF 454 - 0.18 Mb)
MS03 - 8"Optimisation of the bending process of high strength low alloy sheet metal: numerical and experimental approach"
R. Bahloul, P. Dal Santo and A. Potiron
Département de Génie Mécanique, LGM, Ecole Nationa
(Download PDF 476 - 0.77 Mb)
MS03 - 9"Numerical simulations in reconfigurable multipoint forming"
V. Paunoiu, P. Cekan, E. Gavan and D. Nicoara
University of Galati
(Download PDF 532 - 0.58 Mb)
MS04 - 10"The effect of pre-strain and inter-stage annealing on the formability of a 2024 aluminium alloy"
M. O Donnell, D. Banabic, A. G. Leacock, D. Brown and R. J. Mc Murray
University of Ulster
(Download PDF 216 - 0.13 Mb)
MS02 - 10"Multiscales modeling of microstructure evolution during asymmetric cold rolling process"
M. Ould Ouali and M. Aberkane
Université Mouloud MAMMERI de Tizi-Ouzou
(Download PDF 259 - 0.26 Mb)
MS04 - 11"A note on the mk computational model for predicting the forming limit strains"
S. Soare and D. Banabic
Technical University of Cluj Napoca
(Download PDF 221 - 0.12 Mb)
MS04 - 12"Development of texture inhomogeneity in sheets from zr-based alloys under high-temperature rolling"
Y. Perlovich, M. Isaenkova, V. Fesenko, E. Aktuganova, S. Kropachev and S. Dryakhlov
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
(Download PDF 292 - 0.18 Mb)
MS16 - 12"Coupling the vof method and the mhd models for the simulation of a bubble rising in a metalic liquid."
D. Merrouche, K. Mohammedi and I. Belaidi
(Download PDF 391 - 0.37 Mb)
MS04 - 13"Grid patterns by laser for forming strain analysis"
K. Mantyjarvi, J. Tulonen, T. Saarnivuo, J. Porter and J. A. Karjalainen
University of Oulu
(Download PDF 329 - 2.06 Mb)
MS08 - 14"Control of optical transmittance by nano plastic forming"
M. Yoshino, F. Yoshizawa and T. Matsumura
Tokyo Institute of Technology
(Download PDF 166 - 0.83 Mb)
MS08 - 15"Estimation of mechanical properties of polycrystalline microcomponents"
T. Boehlke, K. Joechen, D. Loehe and V. Schulze
Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
(Download PDF 231 - 0.1 Mb)
MS08 - 15"Production analysis of new machining-based deformation processes for nanostructured materials."
P. Iglesias, W. Moscoso, J. B. Mann, C. Saldana, M. R. Shankar and S. Chandrasekar
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
(Download PDF 256 - 0.36 Mb)
MS08 - 16"Formation and defining the different aluminium oxide microstructures in alkaline solutions"
S. Mahovic Poljacek, T. Cigula and M. Gojo
UNIVERSITY OF ZAGREB, Faculty of Graphic Arts
(Download PDF 290 - 0.41 Mb)
MS08 - 17"Development of a new machine system for the forming of micro-sheet-products"
Y. Qin, Y. Ma, C. Harrison, A. Brockett, M. Zhou and J. Zhao
University of Strathclyde
(Download PDF 399 - 0.51 Mb)
MS08 - 18"Size effects on material behaviour in microforming"
C. Barbier, S. Thibaud and P. Picart
FEMTO-ST Département de Mécanique Appliquée
(Download PDF 395 - 0.4 Mb)
MS09 - 19"Criterion to evaluate diffusive wear in 3d simulations when turning aisi 1045 steel"
A. Attanasio, E. Ceretti, C. Giardini, L. Filice and D. Umbrello
Dept. of Mech. and Ind. Eng.
(Download PDF 189 - 0.21 Mb)
MS09 - 20"Characterization of the frictional properties of various coatings at the tool/chip/workpiece interfaces in dry machining of aisi 4140 steel"
C. Claudin, J. Rech, W. Grzesik and S. Zalisz
(Download PDF 215 - 0.31 Mb)
MS09 - 21"Modeling of tool life in turning process using experimental method"
M. Mehrban, D. Naderi, V. Panahizadeh and H. Moslemi Naeini
Islamic Azad University of Parsabad
(Download PDF 263 - 0.14 Mb)
MS09 - 22"Distortions prediction during multi-pass machining simulations by using the level-set method"
O. Pierard, J. Barboza, M. Duflot, L. D' Alvise and A. Perez - Duarte
(Download PDF 315 - 1.4 Mb)
MS09 - 23"Cutting applied as a test method for acquisition of flow stress data at high strains and strain rates"
S. M. Ganesan, Y. A. Khan, H. Valberg, P. T. Moe and A. Willa Hansen
Department of Engineering Design and Materials, No
(Download PDF 346 - 0.15 Mb)
MS10 - 24"Effects of nanoparticle treatment and compatibilizers on the properties of (pp/epr)/nano-caco3 blends"
N. Mnif, V. Massardier, T. Kallel and B. Elleuch
LMM/IMP - INSA de Lyon
(Download PDF 129 - 0.61 Mb)
MS10 - 24"Properties of reactive hot melt adhesives modified by polyurethane containing peg segment intercalated in sodium montmorillonite"
T. K. Kim, B. K. Kim, Y. S. Kim, Y. L. Cho, S. Y. Lee and Y. B. Cho
Research Center, Hwaseung T&C Corp., Kyoungnam 626
(Download PDF 181 - 0.29 Mb)
MS10 - 25"Crystallization kinetics of polypropylenes. effect of nucleating agents ?"
S. A. E. Boyer, N. Billon and J. M. Haudin
(Download PDF 211 - 1.12 Mb)
MS10 - 26"Sintering mechanisms of nascent semi-crystalline polymer powders by high velocity compaction"
O. Lame, D. Jauffrès, G. Vigier and F. Doré
(Download PDF 541 - 2.58 Mb)
MS10 - 27"Influences of the crystallisation rate on thermal and barrier properties of polylactide acid (pla) food packaging films"
G. Colomines, S. Domenek, V. Ducruet and A. Guinault
(Download PDF 507 - 0.03 Mb)
MS10 - 28"Plla biodegradable scaffolds for angiogenesis via diffusion induced phase separation (dips)"
V. La Carrubba, F. Carfì Pavia, V. Brucato, S. Piccarolo and G. Ghersi
Chimical Engineering Department Università di Pale
(Download PDF 536 - 1.3 Mb)
MS10 - 29"Effect of multiwall nanotube on the properties of polypropylenes"
A. M. Adamné and K. Belina
Kecskemet College
(Download PDF 558 - 1.3 Mb)
MS11 - 30"Influence of chemical archtecture of pet on ability to stretch blow moulding"
E. Deloye, J. M. Haudin and N. Billon
(Download PDF 148 - 1.51 Mb)
MS11 - 31"Influence of the nature of fluoropolymer processing aids on the elimination of sharkskin defect in lldpe extrusion"
C. Dubrocq - Baritaud, N. Devaux, E. Darque - Ceretti and B. Vergnes
Ecole des Mines CEMEF
(Download PDF 179 - 0.38 Mb)
MS11 - 32"Effect of the processing on the properties of biopolymer based composites filled with wood flour"
F. P. La Mantia, R. Scaffaro, M. Morreale and G. Lo Re
Universita di Palermo
(Download PDF 404 - 0.61 Mb)
MS11 - 33"Analytical model of shrinkage stress development during polymerization processes"
W. Gambin
Warsaw University of Technology
(Download PDF 420 - 0.13 Mb)
MS11 - 34"Calendering of coextruded polymer structures"
M. C. Serrat, J. Laffargue, J. F. Agassant and J. Bikard
Arkema - Cemef
(Download PDF 451 - 0.98 Mb)
MS11 - 35"On-line optical measurement of parisons in blow moulding"
Y. Bereaux, J. Y. Charmeau, J. Balcaen and M. Chailly
LAMCOS, INSA-lyon, Site Plasturgie
(Download PDF 477 - 7 Mb)
MS11 - 36"As-molded shrinkage on industrial polypropylene injection molded parts: experiments and analysis"
F. De Santis, R. Pantani, V. Speranza and G. Titomanlio
Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, Unive
(Download PDF 481 - 0.07 Mb)
MS11 - 37"Finite element analysis of the thermoforming of polypropylene"
C. P. J. O Connor, G. Menary, P. J. Martin and E. Mc Conville
Queen's University Belfast
(Download PDF 516 - 0.14 Mb)
MS11 - 38"Synthesis and characterization of zno - polymer nanocomposites"
A. Matei, I. Cernica, O. Cadar, C. Roman and V. Schiopu
IMT Bucharest
(Download PDF 540 - 0.37 Mb)
MS11 - 39"Towards modelling of free form extrusion: analytical solution of transient heat transfer"
S. F. Costa, F. M. Duarte and J. A. Covas
University of Minho
(Download PDF 554 - 0.45 Mb)
MS11 - 40"A possible new ultrasonic thermo-pellicular effect and applications"
T. A. Iclanzan, D. V. Stan and M. J. M. Abadie
'POLITEHNICA' University of Timisoara, Romania
(Download PDF 563 - 0.68 Mb)
MS11 - 41"Setting of the operative processing window in injection moulding using a multi-optimization approach: experimental assessment"
C. Fernandes, J. C. Viana, A. J. Pontes and A. Gaspar - Cunha
IPC- Institute for Polymers and Composites, Dept.
(Download PDF 567 - 0.06 Mb)
MS11 - 42"Optimization and modelling of rotational molding process"
E. Perot, K. Lamnawar and A. Maazouz
INSA de Lyon
(Download PDF 581 - 0.36 Mb)
MS12 - 43"Experimental tool of woven reiforcement forming"
S. Allaoui, J. Launay, D. Soulat and S. Chatel
Laboratoire de Mécanique des Systèmes et des procé
(Download PDF 201 - 0.67 Mb)
MS12 - 44"Consistent geometrical model of interlock fabrics"
G. Hivet and P. Boisse
(Download PDF 386 - 0.13 Mb)
MS12 - 45"Simulating and validating the draping of woven fiber reinforced polymers"
K. Vanclooster, S. V. Lomov and I. Verpoest
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
(Download PDF 249 - 0.32 Mb)
MS12 - 46"Hylid forming, an innovative production method for the forming of thermoplastic composites"
D. Decoster, V. Antonelli, R. Marissen and A. Beukers
(Download PDF 415 - 0.19 Mb)
MS12 - 47"Simple models of crtm process"
A. Mamoune, A. Saouab and C. H. Park
université du Havre
(Download PDF 343 - 0.31 Mb)
MS12 - 48"Hyperelastic approach for composite reinforcement forming simulations"
Y. Aimène, B. Hagege, F. Sidoroff, E. Vidal Sallé, P. Boisse and S. Dridi
(Download PDF 431 - 0.16 Mb)
MS12 - 49"Preforming simulation of the reinforcements of woven composites: continuous approach within a commercial code"
M. A. Khan, T. Mabrouki, S. Gauthier, E. Vidal Sallé and P. Boisse
Insa Lyon
(Download PDF 439 - 0.21 Mb)
MS12 - 50"Using wood eucalyptus for the manufacture of matches"
K. Messaoud Boureghda
Université de Boumerdes
(Download PDF 609 - 0.09 Mb)
MS12 - 51"Numerical analysis of 3d interlock composite preforming"
E. De Luycker, F. Morestin, P. Boisse and D. Marsal
(Download PDF 499 - 0.56 Mb)
MS12 - 52"Preparation of polyoxymethylene/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites by melt processing"
K. Pielichowska
AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków,
(Download PDF 612 - 0.04 Mb)
MS13 - 53"Heat treatments effect on the en ac-46500 alloy produced by ssr"
M. Campillo, M. T. Baile, E. Martín and A. Forn
Light Alloy and Surfaces Treatment Design Centre (
(Download PDF 247 - 0.26 Mb)
MS13 - 54"Slc components as an alternative to extruded alloys for marine applications"
I. Espinosa, S. Menargues, M. T. Baile, J. A. Picas and A. Forn
Light Alloy and Surfaces Treatment Design Centre (
(Download PDF 250 - 0.36 Mb)
MS14 - 55"Numerical modelling of clip manufacturing : focus on the heat treatment"
R. Spataro, F. Bay, Y. Chastel and F. Herrbach
(Download PDF 277 - 0.29 Mb)
MS14 - 56"Determination of the thermophysical properties of a cucr1zr alloy from liquid state down to room temperature"
J. Wisniewski, J. M. Drezet, D. Ayrault and B. Cauwe
(Download PDF 310 - 0.37 Mb)
MS16 - 58"Advanced single chain models for entangled polymers"
J. Ramirez and A. E. Likhtman
University of Reading
(Download PDF 264 - 0.15 Mb)
MS17 - 59"Behaviour modelling of aluminium alloy sheet for single point incremental forming"
N. Decultot, V. Velay, L. Robert, G. Bernhart and E. Massoni
CROMeP (Ecole Mines Albi)
(Download PDF 208 - 0.64 Mb)
MS17 - 60"Incremental forming of colour-coated sheets"
T. Katajarinne, L. Vihtonen and S. Kivivuori
Helsinki University of Technology
(Download PDF 237 - 2.02 Mb)
MS17 - 62"Time reduction in implicit single point incremental sheet forming simulation by refinement - derefinement"
A. Hadoush and A. H. Van Den Boogaard
niversity of Twente
(Download PDF 453 - 0.25 Mb)
MS18 - 63"Process parameters influence on friction coefficient in sheet forming operations"
E. Ceretti, A. Fiorentino and C. Giardini
Dept. of Mech. and Ind. Eng. - University of Bresc
(Download PDF 158 - 1.1 Mb)
MS18 - 64"Dft - modeling of the reaction of a polysulphur extreme-pressure lubricant additive on iron surface"
B. Monasse and P. Montmitonnet
Ecole des Mines de Paris, Centre de Mise en Forme
(Download PDF 191 - 0.59 Mb)
MS18 - 65"Performance enhancements of die casting tools trough pvd nanocoatings"
M. Rosso, D. Ugues, E. Torres, M. Perucca and P. Kapranos
Politecnico di Torino
(Download PDF 365 - 0.6 Mb)
MS18 - 66"Effects of lubricant and lubrication parameters on friction during hot steel forging"
E. Daouben, A. Dubois, M. Dubar, L. Dubar, R. Deltombe and N. G. Truong Dinh
(Download PDF 486 - 0.3 Mb)
MS19 - 67"Investigation of different parameters on roll bonding quality of aluminium and steel sheets"
M. Buchner, B. Buchner, B. Buchmayr, H. Kilian and F. Riemelmoser
University of Leoben
(Download PDF 146 - 0.2 Mb)
MS19 - 68"Study and numerical characterisation of a riveting process"
V. Blanchot and A. Daidie
(Download PDF 428 - 0.12 Mb)
MS20 - 69"Experimental study regarding electrostatic spray coating of solid lubricant for gears"
O. Dodun, D. Olaru, G. Nagit, F. Negoescu and M. Coteata
Technical University 'Gh. Asachi' of Iasi, Facul
(Download PDF 328 - 0.17 Mb)
MS20 - 70"Impact phenomena in the case of some non-traditional machining processes"
L. Slatineanu, M. Coteata, O. Dodun, A. Iosub and L. Apetrei
Technical University Gh. Asachi
(Download PDF 351 - 0.16 Mb)

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