11th ESAFORM2008 conference on material forming. Lyon, France.
23, 24 and 25 april 2008


Planning Details

Extrusion and drawing - MS07

Friday April 25, 2008

Session 1
Room Romanée Conti, Chairman : Jan Huetink
Key note

08:55 - 09:25
"Numerical flow front tracking for aluminium extrusion of a tube and a comparison with experiments"
A. J. Koopman, H. J. M. Geijselaers, K. E. Nilsen and P. T. G. Koenis
University of twente
(Download PDF 289 - 1.29 Mb)
09:25 - 09:45"Modelling and simulation of extrusion of magnesium alloys"
S. Ertuerk, D. Steglich, J. Bohlen, D. Letzig and W. Brocks
GKSS Research Center
(Download PDF 312 - 0.11 Mb)
Session 2
Room Gigondas, Chairman : Jan Huetink
09:45 - 10:05"Quasi static implicit versus dynamic explicit scheme for the modeling of an energy driven thermo-mechanical forming process"
E. Vidal Sallé, S. Bouttabba and J. C. Boyer
(Download PDF 434 - 0 Mb)
Session 3
Room Romanée Conti, Chairman : Jan Huetink
10:50 - 11:10"Comparison of the experimental and finite element modelling of the extrusion of aa6082 on both tools and extrudate as a function of process parameters"
F. Krumphals, I. Flitta, S. Mitsche, T. Wlanis, A. Jahn and C. Sommitsch
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Materials Modelli
(Download PDF 244 - 1.18 Mb)
11:10 - 11:30"Finite element analysis of double layers alloy wire drawing processes"
D. C. Chen, Z. Y. Guo and S. J. Wang
National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
(Download PDF 372 - 0.16 Mb)
11:30 - 11:50"An investigation into the backward extrusion of thin walled cans"
K. Abrinia and K. Gharibi
University of Tehran
(Download PDF 515 - 0.34 Mb)

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